Coonawarra Shiraz

The History of Coonawarra Shiraz

What Made Coonawarra Shiraz Superior?

We cannot take all of the credit for making the best Coonawarra Shiraz in the world. We will claim that Coonawarra Shiraz is the best in the world. We can back up that claim. Ninety percent of 113 international wine critics rate our Coonawarra Shiraz as the best in the world.

We could also show that our product has won awards every year. It does not just win the same award. Coonawarra Shiraz wins awards in every country in the world.

Part of the reason for the success of our former claret is what we know about wine. The rest of the pepper, tannin, and blackberry we owe to our ancestors and nature. We base our assessment on science and not our love for our wine.

Coonawarra Region

Oak aging

That little nip of tannin that people love comes in part from aging in oak. We learned this trick. We did not invent it.

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Shiraz Grapes

We are not the only growers of Shiraz grapes. The first vines were brought to our area of Australia around 1890. The temperature changes in Barossa Valley improved the productivity of the vines. Some of the elements of Australian earth added to the flavor of the Australian variety of red wine grapes.

Our vines are some of the oldest in the world. No region in the world can produce a wine that compares in taste and body.


We blended the art of the past with the science of today’s wine making. We were never so satisfied that we could not learn. We feel that this thirst for perfection may be our greatest asset. We use science to preserve the heritage that is being threatened. We want our vineyard to be producing long into this new century.

Reasonable Weather

The weather has cooperated with us despite global warming. Our vineyards have been able to produce more than abundantly year after year. We have had some insect problems from time to time. Our abundant harvest has made our Coonawarra Shiraz the least expensive in a comparable market. Buy Now!

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