• Facts You Should Know About Australian Shiraz

    Australian Shiraz is also called as Syrah which comes grapes clad in dark skin. These grapes are specially used to make red wine. If we go back to its origin, Shiraz first came from Rhone Valley of France. Shiraz is adorned for its smooth tannin and little tangy, black fruit flavour. It first appeared from Busby collection which was widely acclaimed for its competence to hot and dry of many Australian areas. Even today, Barossa Valley is none less than a home to Shiraz in Australia. It accommodates some of the oldest vines of the world. Although, Shiraz was first planted in the region of Sydney and Hunter Valley.

    Australian Shiraz – Attributes

    Shiraz captures the imaginations and adorations of wine enthusiasts all around the world. Even though Aussies have given many other excellent wine productions from different grape varieties, Shiraz still tops the list.

    If we talk about the regions, Australia accommodates a wide variety of soils and regions. Areas like Barossa and McLaren Vale are well known for vintage vineyards. However, this is not the only reason, as wines from these yards are intense and earthy in flavour.

    Australian Shiraz Areas

    Barossa Valley

    The Barossa Valley homes those oldest vines in the world. From both a small level and large level producers can provide the best tasting wines. Shiraz from this region provides a savourey tannin to the drink.

    McLaren Vale Shiraz

    It is known for providing rich-flavoured Shiraz which is competent with more alcohol, color and fruit flavour. It rather delivers softer tannin flavour.

    Clare Valley Shiraz

    With a fine tannin, it produces distinctive Shiraz taste. The structure is more concentrated.

    Coonawarra Shiraz

    This type is known for its piquant undertone and medium bodies aromas and flavour.

    Heathcote Shiraz

    This type is very special as it delivers some black cherry and chocolate flavours. To keep balance with those highly flavoured fruits, it comes with more alcohol and oak.

    Hunter Valley Shiraz

    These are known for an earthy fragrance which comes from those dusty plums. It provides a soft tannin with berry characters

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